Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poor But Loyal


Around 25 % of our country has people Below Poverty Line.
Around 52 % of our country has people living in Poverty.

Definition of Below Poverty Line:

Income for Below Poverty Line:

Urban : Rs. 538.68/- /month / per person
Rural : Rs. 356.65/- /month / per person

Income for Poverty as defined by Govt:

Urban & Rural: Rs. 600/- / month / per person

Psychology of these people:

To these people, the world do not matter, politicians do not matter, the country or the law does not matter, what matters to them is only their daily living.

These people can't really think beyond their set boundaries and they can't do that due to their poor incomes.

These people are glad to accept the money that comes to them during the election time and obviously you can't blame them, they see it as a welcome relief.

It is widely said that,

"When Madhya Pradesh is empty the Uttar Pradesh does not work", here the Madhya Pradesh is the stomach and the Uttar Pradesh is the mind.

Our Challenge:

The lure of money is so impossible to control for these people, our greatest challenge is to make their minds work despite their poverty.


We are in a country which has a rich wealth of humanity and loyalty, otherwise would people who lure voters with money get voted again and again.

Our people are so humane that their loyalty is still intact and they are so loyal to their political masters who offer them money during every election.

We can stop this and there is a possible solution, we have to take out the thorn with the help of a thorn.

Work Item List:

1) We have to bring about a change in their mindsets by asking them to take money for their votes from all interested political parties.

2) We have to show them that these political parties have cheated them all along and ask them to vote for somebody else other than the ones they have got the money from.

3) We have to ask people to be disloyal to their political masters as they have been disloyal to them, just lecturing people to choose the right candidate will not be enough.

Solution Considerations:

1) The lure of money is impossible to resist for poor people and they can easily over come this lure for money and still provide the country with good leadership, in that way it's going to be a WIN-WIN situation for the people as they get the money and still get good governance.

2) When this solution is put up as a propaganda, the politicians and the voters will be put in a level playing field.

3) This is also a solution which will reach people very quickly and spark a bulb on many as the very solution is thought provoking and achievable.

4) The cunning scheme in this solution will call for its own rapid self-propagation. ;))


  1. Very rightly said... its a sad thing to know that 77%of indians are living in such pathetic conditions... we are supposed to be a hot economy, but the prosperity that we see is restricted to a very few ppl... n the most important reason for our country to be still so impoverished is the politicians... no political party has ACTUALLY tried to bring about an improvement in the economic conditions of the poor in india... rather all that they are interested in, is to be in a position of power so that they could fulfil their own selfish interests.... there have been plans and policies but no true implementation... we are in the 62nd year of our independence n we have still not been able to provide the bare minimum living to a huge chunk of our people... this fact should make all us indians ashamed of ourselves... there is no point hoping that it would make the politicians feel ashamed bcz they wont, for sure... the onus has to be on us ppl, the youth of india to make sincere efforts for this to change...

  2. we desperately need leaders who have a sincere inclination to change the face of india, rather than these politicians who are only interested in building up huge bank balances for themselves... these parties are cashing in on the innocence and loyalty of the poor indians, they know if they are paid even that meagre amt, they will go out and vote for them... we need to make the ppl understand how badly they have been cheated all along, how all promises made to them have been thrown in the dustbin soon after elections are over...SO WHY NOT ALSO MAKE THE POLITICAL PARTIES TASTE THE PAIN OF BEING CHEATED... they sure deserve to taste it bcz that is what they have been delivering to the electorate all through... efforts need to be made at the grass-root level to ensure that we change the mindsets and thus make india the way we always wanted it to be...n the expression "win-win situation" is the best to describe how the poor ppl will emerge as the real winner in the whole plan, by getting money n also good governance... n perhaps one day they would be so empowered that they will use their vote thoughtfully n not blindly cast their valuable vote to parties who seek to but it...