Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Have a Level Playing Field....


Lets say our people have accepted our views as in the post "Poor But Loyal", we still have a problem to solve, to whom will the people vote.

Psychology of these people:

The general psychology of the people will be to look for a neutral candidate when their awareness has been blossomed with our previous propaganda in "Poor But Loyal".

Our Challenge:

We have to enable these voters to chose the right candidate.


We may not get the right candidates in every constituency.

We have to ask the voters to chose a neutral candidate.

The best choice would be to ask them to chose one of the independent candidates.

Work Item List:

1) We have to provide them the list of neutral independent candidates in their constituency and ask them to chose one amongst them.

Solution Considerations:

1) We should not indulge in running a campaign for a particular independent candidate even if he is good.

2) It is of primary importance that the people should start believing in YOUTH VOICES.

3) We should in the face of our greatest adversary, the POLITICIANS look like INNOCENT LAMBS and in the face of our greatest friend, the VOTERS be a WELL INFORMED EXECUTIVE.

4) This solution will put us in a neutral and lovely position to get the confidence of our COUNTRY MEN.

A Deep Consideration: (Don't read this if you don't have enough brain power)

A friend asked "What if political parties buy out all these Independent candidates?", I said him it will still serve the purpose and the following will be the out come of such a situation.

1) The larger political parties will lose a lot of money doing that, as they would have lost in every constituency by spending a lot of money for every single vote.

2) They have to shell out extra cash for buying out these independent candidates.

3) Shelling out this much cash will drain them out.

4) It is not so easy to train these in-experienced independent candidates to take bribes immediately.

5) By next general election, one would see fall out of all these big political parties and every political party will have to rely on a lean budget for coming up as there will be lesser income to these political parties. Recession is on its way and is gonna last for the next 7 years minimum and this is our window of hope, if we miss it, we will have to wait for a long time.

6) Assuming that we empower our country men in the next 5 years and lets say they chose to redo our views in "Poor but Loyal".

7) We will see the end of dynasty politics and this will bring back democracy in all major political parties.

8) If we are good enough we should float a YOUTH PARTY by next general elections and bring all these independent candidates under one umbrella or contest ourselves.

A Dangerous Consideration: (Don't read this if you don't have a brave heart)

Another friend asked "What if a politician kills people who has not voted for them?"

First of all it is so cinematic to think about this, we can do all the below to stay on top still,

1) We are all NGOs with varied capabilities and we can offer support to the kith and kin of the bereaved families just like what we are doing right now to many families for various causes.

2) When all the NGOs are under one roof and stand tall, we will be able to bring about a social change by bringing justice for these people, it is of prime importance that we make sure social justice is in order, we have many NGOs doing this task.

The final outcome of this battle,

"We will definitely bring out the real enemy of the people."


  1. its so nice to see ppl doing so much thinking on issues which are so important yet so neglected... the most important step in achieveing this is to look out for ppl who have a very sincere willingness to see india turn into a developed country, to see india at the top of the world, a place which india rightfully deserves but could never achieve bcz of these selfish politicians and their personal agendas... we have to show these politicians that their golden phase is over n once the youth of this country have the power in our hands, we will give india a turnaround that these guys cudnt achieve in all these 6 decades of independence... or rather didnt try to achieve...

  2. we have to start all this at the grass-root level and it can be best achieved with the NGOs coming forward and joining hands to enable this...