Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is it hard to make people DISLOYAL???

Please read the previous posts before you start with this....

Yes, it is hard to make people disloyal, when they look at elections as a steady source of income....

We have a plan for this, we will reveal this later, before that we need to measure our public response for our previous posts.

For now you know this, this is possible easily...

We are also looking at more innovative ways and would show case this to the public when we reach a consensus....

To Have a Level Playing Field....


Lets say our people have accepted our views as in the post "Poor But Loyal", we still have a problem to solve, to whom will the people vote.

Psychology of these people:

The general psychology of the people will be to look for a neutral candidate when their awareness has been blossomed with our previous propaganda in "Poor But Loyal".

Our Challenge:

We have to enable these voters to chose the right candidate.


We may not get the right candidates in every constituency.

We have to ask the voters to chose a neutral candidate.

The best choice would be to ask them to chose one of the independent candidates.

Work Item List:

1) We have to provide them the list of neutral independent candidates in their constituency and ask them to chose one amongst them.

Solution Considerations:

1) We should not indulge in running a campaign for a particular independent candidate even if he is good.

2) It is of primary importance that the people should start believing in YOUTH VOICES.

3) We should in the face of our greatest adversary, the POLITICIANS look like INNOCENT LAMBS and in the face of our greatest friend, the VOTERS be a WELL INFORMED EXECUTIVE.

4) This solution will put us in a neutral and lovely position to get the confidence of our COUNTRY MEN.

A Deep Consideration: (Don't read this if you don't have enough brain power)

A friend asked "What if political parties buy out all these Independent candidates?", I said him it will still serve the purpose and the following will be the out come of such a situation.

1) The larger political parties will lose a lot of money doing that, as they would have lost in every constituency by spending a lot of money for every single vote.

2) They have to shell out extra cash for buying out these independent candidates.

3) Shelling out this much cash will drain them out.

4) It is not so easy to train these in-experienced independent candidates to take bribes immediately.

5) By next general election, one would see fall out of all these big political parties and every political party will have to rely on a lean budget for coming up as there will be lesser income to these political parties. Recession is on its way and is gonna last for the next 7 years minimum and this is our window of hope, if we miss it, we will have to wait for a long time.

6) Assuming that we empower our country men in the next 5 years and lets say they chose to redo our views in "Poor but Loyal".

7) We will see the end of dynasty politics and this will bring back democracy in all major political parties.

8) If we are good enough we should float a YOUTH PARTY by next general elections and bring all these independent candidates under one umbrella or contest ourselves.

A Dangerous Consideration: (Don't read this if you don't have a brave heart)

Another friend asked "What if a politician kills people who has not voted for them?"

First of all it is so cinematic to think about this, we can do all the below to stay on top still,

1) We are all NGOs with varied capabilities and we can offer support to the kith and kin of the bereaved families just like what we are doing right now to many families for various causes.

2) When all the NGOs are under one roof and stand tall, we will be able to bring about a social change by bringing justice for these people, it is of prime importance that we make sure social justice is in order, we have many NGOs doing this task.

The final outcome of this battle,

"We will definitely bring out the real enemy of the people."

Poor But Loyal


Around 25 % of our country has people Below Poverty Line.
Around 52 % of our country has people living in Poverty.

Definition of Below Poverty Line:

Income for Below Poverty Line:

Urban : Rs. 538.68/- /month / per person
Rural : Rs. 356.65/- /month / per person

Income for Poverty as defined by Govt:

Urban & Rural: Rs. 600/- / month / per person

Psychology of these people:

To these people, the world do not matter, politicians do not matter, the country or the law does not matter, what matters to them is only their daily living.

These people can't really think beyond their set boundaries and they can't do that due to their poor incomes.

These people are glad to accept the money that comes to them during the election time and obviously you can't blame them, they see it as a welcome relief.

It is widely said that,

"When Madhya Pradesh is empty the Uttar Pradesh does not work", here the Madhya Pradesh is the stomach and the Uttar Pradesh is the mind.

Our Challenge:

The lure of money is so impossible to control for these people, our greatest challenge is to make their minds work despite their poverty.


We are in a country which has a rich wealth of humanity and loyalty, otherwise would people who lure voters with money get voted again and again.

Our people are so humane that their loyalty is still intact and they are so loyal to their political masters who offer them money during every election.

We can stop this and there is a possible solution, we have to take out the thorn with the help of a thorn.

Work Item List:

1) We have to bring about a change in their mindsets by asking them to take money for their votes from all interested political parties.

2) We have to show them that these political parties have cheated them all along and ask them to vote for somebody else other than the ones they have got the money from.

3) We have to ask people to be disloyal to their political masters as they have been disloyal to them, just lecturing people to choose the right candidate will not be enough.

Solution Considerations:

1) The lure of money is impossible to resist for poor people and they can easily over come this lure for money and still provide the country with good leadership, in that way it's going to be a WIN-WIN situation for the people as they get the money and still get good governance.

2) When this solution is put up as a propaganda, the politicians and the voters will be put in a level playing field.

3) This is also a solution which will reach people very quickly and spark a bulb on many as the very solution is thought provoking and achievable.

4) The cunning scheme in this solution will call for its own rapid self-propagation. ;))